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tools of the trade
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Construction basics
Finishing touches
Hand sewing
Cutting tips
Seam allowances 
and seam finishing
Sewing for your home
Sewing essentials
Welcome to the 
World of Sewing 
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What's in store for you 
Each scout learns the basics of operating a sewing machine and uses that information to construct a simple project with their new skills.

2 hours of sewing fun!
1 take home project
1 patch to remember the experience-$1.00

12.00 per scout
​maximum 18-20

Sewing and Knitting are a deeply ingrained american history, skill and hobby. 

Both sewing and knitting have a deep history in this country and of course around the world. 

Sewing is practiced in the poorest and richest communities. The tools of the trade have last hundreds of years and are past down through generations. 

Many of us have warm and loving stories to share about family members who've sewn and knitted for us over the years. 

Sewing and knitting gadgets and supplies can be accessed and readily available everywhere.

 Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sewing  Everything you need to get sewing today

The World of Sewing is Enormous... so let's get you started.
Pins and Needles
1001 fabrics  to learn 
and more
Measuring Tools
Cutting Tools and Pressing tools
Threading and 
Bobbin winding
The Sewing Machine
Decoding a Pattern
Troup 50010
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Sewing machine sharing with large groups

Consider splitting large groups to maximize the experience 
to get you started
Absoute Beginners classes
Help for those with some skills
Master the Sewing Machine
Ages 8 and 88
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