Let's face it...I love to sew. I decided to quit my job and spend the rest of my life sewing, sewing for you, sewing for your family and teaching others to learn to love the art of sewing. I emptied both workshops at home and opened Classic Sewing. To enable me to sew and teach all day.

     Classic Sewing is a small business operated in Naperville, IL. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated.  Our services come with a personal touch.  It is my pleasure to share this skill with you, whether it be through the sewing school, alterations or custom sewing. 
      Over thirty five years of sewing experience. Including weddings, embroidery, industrial and craft sewing.

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About the shop space...

We have plenty of room to try an assortment of workshops and events. 
Creatives need a place to gather, workshop and celebrate what we do, retreat into what we love.
We have space for sewing classes for both adults and children.
Private custom sewing space to explore, we refer to it as Sewcial Networking

Space for retreating with your friends for some time away from grown up responsibilities.  Be creative in your requests. Consider a book club about sewing, of course, knitting clubs, crochet clubs or workshops.
 A girl loves a workshop!
What makes this shop different?

I'm not aware of any shop like this in the area, if you are aware of a shop like this... don't tell me. 
We help you learn to sew and help those who don't need to learn the sewing machine, but need sewing help.
Future Goals for Classic Sewing: to have a wide assortment of workshops designed to teach all things sewn, craft.
  If you want to share a craft let's talk. 

Take your new skills and make someone happy. 
There is always room here to be creative!

Welcome to your happy place!
I think I'm sewtistic?

I often struggle to discuss other subjects with family and friends that aren't related to sewing...seriously!
My only treatment is to sew for them!
What inspired me...
Over the years I've had several in home shops to feed and grow this affair with sewing. Thinking of  how I would decorate a shop and use it has been growing in my mind along with my skills.  One day I read a magazine called "Where women Create". I saw my ideas being used in the spaces featured in the shops owned by these women.  Creative women think alike. There seem to be thousands of magazines, sewing books and booklets and friends with the same passions, creative and expessive friends and customers with a dream or ideas. So, I set my mind on a goal and now I will have a space of my own separate from my home. Where you can come and help me and I can help you learn to sew.
 Classic Sewing is a drop off site for Project Linus
Contact Us
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Contact Us
Please leave a phone number
1795 S. Washington Street, Suite 104
Naperville, IL 60565
Sewing Specialist