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Sewing Summer Camp
Please pre-schedule and 

Ingredients for a successful Sewing Sewing Camp

1. A camper must be open to the challenge of learning to sew

2. A camper must be between the ages of 8-12 years old (boy or girl)

3. If your camper is under the age  of 8 and they would like to learn sewing, a different time in the day may be scheduled. (before or after 1-3 pm)

4. Classes for ages 13 and up are available (before and after 1-3p) 

5. Your child must be able to focus on a project and be able to follow instructions in sequence

6. A camper is welcome to take the sewing machine class before camps begin/$28.00 1.5 hours 

7. Sewing involves the following, manipulate fabric, cutting, pinning, straight and zigzag stitching and troubleshoot a sewing machine. These are awesome skills.

8. Your camper should know that sewing involves measuring, addition, subtraction, fractions, geometry, comparing, estimating, designing, hand stitching, ​problem solving and best of all ironing!

These projects require a little more skill for some age groups and not suitable as a 1st or 2nd project without the sewing machine class.

Summer skirts-----------------------1/2 yard of 45 inch wide cotton fabric
Pajama pants-------------------------2.5 yards of 45 inch wide cotton fabric  (11-12 y/o only)
Drawstring back packs--------------1/2 yard of medium weight non stretch fabric
Big Tote bag w pocket--------------3/4 of a yard of medium weight non stretch fabric
Large Stuffed projects------------will require a 32 oz bag of poly fiber fill
Blankets-----------------------------yards of fabric
​Pillow case shirt----------------------------1/2 yard of cotton fabric (non stretch)
Beginners should begin sewing with woven cottons or woven cotton polyesters

Note:  The following fabrics are not recommended and require special feet,special sewing machine needles and other provisions or skills
no stretchy fabrics                mesh
knits                                       swim wear
jersey                                     spandex
metallic fabrics                      metallic spandex
swim wear                               satin fabrics                           
lyrca                                       sheer
sequin                                     fur or fuzzy fabrics
lame'                                             To be sure! check with Kate concerning special fabrics
Safely use a sewing machine
Learn threading and understanding proper stitching techniques for making awesome projects. 
Project by project each camper will learn more sewing techniques while building confidence in their sewing abilities

​Choose dates between June 5th -- July 28th 2017
Begin by learning to safely
use a sewing machine 
2 days $68.00 per week
3 days $102.00 per week
4 days $136.00 per week
5 days  $169.00 per week
Most camps include supplies such as small cuts of fabric, patterns, thread, sewing tools, trim, buttons, zippers, stuffing, decorations and sewing machine
Class Size - 4  

By special request 4-5 for friend or family groups
1795 S. Washington St, #104       815.919.6336
8 Weeks  of Fun
June 5 - July 28th

Bean bags
Lunch bags
Sleep masks
Tissues pouches
Fish bags
Pencil pouches
Book bags
Doll blankets
​Mom's favorite: pot holders
or trivets
Hair accessories
Tissues pouches
Goodie bags
Hand stitched projects
Doll skirts
and more...
for more experienced or older beginners
See options for younger and older
2017 Summer Sewing Camp
Fun Sewing Projects For Young Beginners- 8-12 years old
Just a few summer sewing camp projects they will enjoy sewing!
-Machine stitching with a flare for fashion

-Group sessions with friends 

-Start with the machine class 
and a simple project in order to get comfortable with the machine

Fashion Goal: Clothing 
  Summer top
  Knit dress
  Shorts/Lounge pants
  Redesign something old into            something new

-A list for fabric and supplies will be provided after registering-

2 days a week for 8 weeks should allow each girl to complete up to 4 or more projects. This will depend on her goals, determination and growing skills.
They will have use of a sewing machine, all tools and some notions and supplies to complete each project. (excludes fabrics)

1.5 hours per session  -  Twice a week
$68.00 per week (up to 16 sessions, which includes 2 additional make up sessions)

is scheduled for 
On Sunday July 30th 
1:00-3:00 pm  
Family and friends are welcome to attend
Hand stitching and machine sewing with a touch of glue!
1 hour $24.00 
Includes everything they need to make a variety of 1 hour projects, best enjoyed with a friend or two 
Enjoyed by both boys and girls
Schedule as needed

Sewing Goals: 
Hand and some machine stitching skills through simple projects that can be completed in each class

Projects will be posted on a special facebook project page for sharing with family and friends
helps campers start sewing projects on the first day of camp
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