The sewing machine
To get started, you're going to need a sewing machine that's in good working order.  The sewing machine is tough and the mature machine in good order has stood the test of time.  Some, more than others.  You'll also benefit and enjoy a modern machine with all the bells and whistles. These added features have proven to increase the joy of sewing. From automatically cutting the threads at the end of a stitch to the semi-automatic needle threaders to name a few improvements.

Take a class with your new machine
Don't forget to take notes because the excitment of starting will cloud your memory. 
There is so much you need to know
About fabrics, tools and gadgets. What supplies will you need to get started?
There are so many things you'll need to know about threads. Don't pick thread for it's color. Learn the difference. 
Questions and Answers
About sewing and things
What type of straight pin should you start with?
What's the diffence between hand sewing and machine needles
What's the difference between ironing
and pressing?