1. There's a foot for that!
    Get the most out of your machine. Use your feet! Here are just a few feet that will help you sew smarter.
  2. The Button foot
    Oh yes! you can sew on a button with a sewing machine!!!!
  3. Automatic Needle Threader
    For those of us who need more help threading.
  4. Sergers
    Why do you need a Serger?
  5. Threading a machine
    This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship!
  6. For Beginners
    Introducing!...a sewing machine for beginners
1001 questions
True or False
Do all sewing machine needles produce the same results

about the sewing machine

Sewing produces thousands of questions and you're going to need answers
Join are classes and get your questions answered

Once you turn it on, 
it means you know
how to sew!
I wish I could say no!
In fact, the right needle for the job
will produce better results and 
make your sewing  project more enjoyable