Classic Sewing

Sewing Machine Class

The machine is the best starting point for Absolute Beginners. With or without a sewing machine. Start Here. If you're ready to return to sewing after a long absence. Begin here.  1.5 hours/$31.00
Teaching the Art of Sewing
Learn to really sew beyond a doubt!

We teach sewing every day.
Check your calendar then give us a call and we'll find a day and time that works best for your schedule.


Christmas Party 

December 21st  
starts at 6pm 
Bring something you've enjoyed sewing and love to wear and share.
Wrap some fabric you're not using and would love to gift to someone. 
Bring it with you to gift swap.


Let it​

Let it


How Classic Sewing Works
Bring your sewing machine and all the accessories or reserve one of ours. Once you understanding how a sewing machine operates you will be ready to sew your first project to test your new skills and you will know what to look for when you get ready to purchase a sewing machine or serger. Stop by our comfortable and friendly sewing room. Sew in a bright and cheery sewing environment, your welcome to use our large sewing table, most other tools and supplies are also conveniently available for use.  
Lots of light in the sewing area is essential to keep eye fatigue at a minimum.  Ironing area and pressing equipment are available too.

Secret Santa Stocking

Secret Santa Stockings. Handmade Joy. A festive S.I.Y. project you'll enjoy year after year. Stitching and embellishing your stocking will bring joy to your crafty heart and enjoy giving them to someone special. Dates vary. Register under 1.5-hour sewing class

Sewing for Absolute Beginners

Make This Your 
​Maker's Space

Sewing for the experienced

More Classes

  • Sewing with patterns for beginners. Yes, we will walk you through your pattern project.
  • Do we have a sewing for beginners class? Yes, we teach all levels of sewing.
  • Do we have sewing machine classes? Yes, sewing machine classes are the best place to start.
  • You can get all your sewing questions answered here with us.
  • ​Will Classic Sewing help you with any sewing machine? Yes, bring your manual.
  • Does Classic Sewing have serger classes? Yes and we will walk you through the threading process and more.

​Classic Sewing FAQ'S

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Measuring, Marking and Cutting

Working with a pattern

Measuring and marking are often done at the same time as cutting. Marking aids, transparent rulers, chalks, pencils and tracing wheels are common tools in this process. 
We study the entire package carefully before we do any cutting. Using the instructions and illustrations to help you with each step of working with a pattern. A pattern is a blueprint to a successful project. 

S.I.Y. it yourself

How many times have you touched something and thought to yourself, "I could sew that myself?"    Join my SIY movement!
Often all you need is guidance through the sewing process.  Learn terms and techniques here at Classic Sewing.

Sewing Supplies

You will learn when and why to use the following in our sewing classes.  Here is a list of starter supplies: 
Pincushions, 2-3 straight pin sizes, seam guide, universal sewing machine needles, 100% polyester thread will get you started, an iron, beeswax, small thread scissors, 8-inch shears/scissors, marking chalk, clear ruler and a seam ripper. This is a shortlist of all the tools that will help you sew smarter. 
  1. 90 Machine Class
    90 Machine Class
    Threading problems? Learn the in's and out's of operating a sewing machine. Become a confident sew'er. Get to know the ends and outs of the sewing machine. $31.00/1.5 hours
  2. Sewing Club for Kids
    Sewing Club for Kids
    Monday-Wednesday 4-530 pm 8-12 yrs No exp necessary. No machine necessary Monday is a small group, Tuesday is new and looking for kids wanting to learn and Wednesdays are FULL. Four 90 minute classes 4 pack/$116
  3. 3-hour session
    3-hour session
    90 minutes getting to know the sewing machine and 90 mins. more sewing your first project. 3-hours $62.00 3hr/$62.00
  4. Successful Sergering
    Successful Sergering
    The Serger is the companion to the sewing machine. Bring your machine or use one of our machines before you buy. $39.00
  5. coming soon
    coming soon
  6. Sewing with teens
    Sewing with teens
    Teens love fashion! 13-17 yrs Enroll them and they'll learn the techniques of sewing. 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  7. Quilting for beginners guide 101
    Quilting for beginners guide 101
    Learn the fundamentals of quilting. $31 per session
  1. Sewing circles
    Sewing circles
    Sewing Circles are for sewing and connecting with your friends. Works with 3 or more friends to reserve time and space. Schedule 1 hour at a time to work on a project together or time to just sew and Connect. Any part of 1 hour/$17 hr. Minimum of 3 friends. Your machines or ours, coffee is welcome.
  2. 12 Stitching techniques
    12 Stitching techniques
    There are 12 stitching techniques all sew'ers should master. Modern pattern companies and some indie pattern companies print instruction assuming you know these 12 techniques. Learn them and be prepared to sew with confidence. 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  3. Sewing with Knits
    Sewing with knits can be tricky. You will need a different set of supplies and tools to out wit a knit. 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  4. Personal Pattern Fitting
    Personal Pattern Fitting
    A master bodice and skirt pattern will yield variety to your wardrobe. $159.00 included fabric and supplies. 1 day workshop/5-6 hours. Personal pattern fitted bodice and skirt to your body. Bring your favorite tools.
  5. eGift Certificate
    eGift Certificate
    1 machine class and 4 classes to get them started is a gift Sew thoughtful.
  6. Hand Stitching
    Hand Stitching
    3 different hand stitching techniques. Hand sewing is used in most finishing techniques. 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  7. Private Classes
    Private Classes
  8. Come visit Sammy
    Come visit Sammy



More Classes

  1. T-shirt Quilt class
    T-shirt Quilt class
    Grab those t-shirts and S.I.Y.! Sew It Yourself. Excellent way to get back to sewing.1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  2. Mommy and Me
    Mommy and Me
    Learn to sew together and help each other create fun projects 90 mins/$62.00 for 2
  3. Pillows with zippers
    2 different zipper techniques. You must be able to troubleshoot your sewing machine to join this class 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  4. Using Patterns
    Using Patterns
    Understand all elements of a pattern. Which included envelope, cutting/sewing directions and tissue pattern. 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  5. 30 somethings Sew
    30 somethings Sew
    Meet, greet and sew with sewists of a certain age. Share what you know! Learn something new! Meet new friends! The sewing list is endless Kitchen: pot holders, trivets, table runners, chair pads, trashbag holders and dishcloths Living Room: Throw pillows, couch blankets, remote holders, coasters for company and more Bedroom: pillowcases, comforters and blankets, quilts and designer bed pillows Everyday: reusable grocery bags from fabrics you have on hand, etc! 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  6. The Art of Up-cycling
    EN-Fashion is the art of turning something old into something new. Become an Up-cycling Re-cycler? 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes
  7. Scout Groups
    Scout Groups
    This is an introduction to hand stitching. We begin by practicing threading and stitching. Next, we move on to utilize what we learned to hand stitch a project. $14.00 per scout 1.5 hours We can accommodate up 18 scouts or brownies Type of sewing: Hand Sewing Small groups up to 7: Introduction to the sewing machine (machines are limited) Call to set a date
  8. Alter & Mend
    I don't need to tell you how much cash you can save if you Alter & Mend it yourself. We'll use your clothing to learn the techniques you'll to master. 1.5 hours/$31.00 or 4 prepaid classes