Classic Sewing

Learn to really sew beyond a doubt!
f Hawthorne Square Shopping Center   1795 S. Washington St. #102  Naperville, IL 

Sewing Clubs/ kids or teens

Sewing clubs for kids 8-12y  Mon, Wed, Thur
4-530p   1.5 hours per week
4 pack/$125.00

Teens Can Sew 13-17yr  Tuesdays only
5-630    4 pack/$125.00

Learn something new!

Sewing Forum

March 1st at 2:00-3:00

Secrets to Fabrics and Interfacings

I have secrets to share with you so that you know what you're up against when you buy in-store or online. These are things pattern designers and fabric stores assume you already know.
Each forum is packed with information about using fabrics. Come to touch and feel.
I know your time is limited. 1 hour at $15 

Sewing with Patterns

​​Pattern companies offer a large selection of clothing patterns. Learning how to READ a pattern, instructions and the pattern tissue is essential.
1.5 hours/$35.00  or 4 pack
Your machine or ours.   
By appointment

We're passionate about sewing and beginners are our speciality

This is the best starting point for Absolute Beginners. With or without a sewing machine, start here with the MachineClass.
If you're ready to return to sewing after a long absence, start here. 
1.5 hours/$35.00  Your machine or ours.   
By appointment

90 Minute
Machine Class

Sewing Club for Kids 8-12 yrs

Teens Can Sew  13-17 yrs-
Please call to be put on the waitlist

Small groups of young girls learning to sew together.
Meeting new friends and sewing fun projects
No experience necessary, No machine required. Yes, if they have a machine bring it with you and we'll teach you to safely use it. 
4-5:30 pm   1.5 hours
Prepaid 4 pack $125.00 
or $35.00 per class
Teens love fashion! 
If your teen has a desire for a future in fashion. Learning the art of sewing clothing and useful items is the place to start.  They learn a variety of stitching techniques that all garment sew'ers should master. Everything from mastering the sewing machine to sustainable sewing like upcycling.
Tuesdays at 5:00 - 6:30 pm 1.5 hours
Prepaid 4 pack $125.00 
or $35.00 per class

Sewing with knits & stretchy fabrics

12 Stitching techniques

We all wear knits!  Why not learn what it takes to handle, control and sew with a variety of knit fabrics. Like Jersey, spandex, cotton or polyester loose-weave knits. Don't forget metallic knits, fleece, Minky and scuba knits. 

All sew'ers regardless of sewing level should be able to apply these techniques when called for in any in-store or online pattern.
The pattern instructions don't include these instructions. 
These 12 techniques are the most often used but not the end of a long list of techniques you should learn to be a good sewist.
  1. Pillow Class
    Learn to Sew them yourself
  2. 12 Stitches
    12 Stitches
    12 Stitches and techniques all popular pattern companies assume you know. Good for the experienced & beginners.
  3. Hand-sewing
    1.5 hours $31.00 Supplies and kit provided 2-3 different stitch techniques
  4. Phase 2 Personal Pattern fitting fundamentals
    Phase 2 Personal Pattern fitting fundamentals
    With a master bodice, sleeves and skirt, it will take a lot of the guess work out of sewing it yourself. Make changes to your master without less guess work.
  5. Personal Pattern Fitting Fundamentals
    Personal Pattern Fitting Fundamentals
  6. Sewing with Knits and stretchy fabrics
    Sewing with Knits and stretchy fabrics
    1.5 hours sessions make an appointment $35.00 per session or 6 hours for $125.00
  7. Coming soon
    Coming soon
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