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Mondays and Wednesday between 3:30 -6pm
​1.5 hour sessions

Pick a day and a time
parents!  by the time you were old enough for mom or grandmother to make your clothes,
mom or Grandma had been practicing her sewing skills for decades 
The Specifics

a Note For Parents

Students must start with the Machine Class
1.5 hours of safe sewing machine knowledge

Then it's $104.00 for 4 classes - Prepaid

Students may bring their own machine and fabric for creating 

Ages:          8-12
Class size:   3-4 students 
Days:          Mondays or Wednesdays
Time: pick any 1.5 hour slot between 3-6p

  • Simple crazy pillows are fun.
  • Emoji are a favorite.
  • Stuffing things is the best.
  • Designing will come easy as students learn.
  • Games can be sewn.
  • Girls love to make things for their hair
  • Making dog clothes, with their own spin on it is fun

Build sewing skills with each project
Start with simple projects
Start with simple fabrics
Start with the sewing machine

Fat Quarter or remnants are a smart choice for beginners

No stretchy fabrics until more experienced with their stitching skills

Select "fabric only" child size scissors for cutting fabric only - approximately 6 inches or so. 

Students build supplies as they go...velcro, elastics, pins, buttons, ribbons and trim, etc. 

Parents should encourage students to sew simple projects for themselves and others. Remember birthdays and holidays

Every sew'er should sew a blanket or quilt.  It's excellent creative practice. 

Students should avoid complicated projects in the beginning, like interpreting paper patterns,  slip covers for the couch, drapes for the living room, recovering dining room chairs, shortening Dads pants or a cluster of couch pillows.  At this point, student skills may not yet match parent expectations and it will zap the fun out of sewing. 

Doll patterns are targeted toward adult sewing. Very few children under age 12 have the patience to read and understand pattern construction language.  Practice will get them there!

sewing is a fundamental skill and takes  patience and practice to perfect

Students who want to sew a project that may be beyond their skill level should speak with their instructor, who will  then make a concerted effort to help guide the student through the sewing project.
To register your sewing star

Kids love to stuff and decorate with the sewing machine
as another way to express themselves 

Build confidence
make new sewing friends
Make things for family and friends