You have a serger now how do you use it?

                   --Sergers, Overlock and Merrow these words are used interchangeably---

You can serge just about anything with a Serger and sewing knits with a Serger is almost effortless

Learn even more about your Serger
    - When to use it 
    - How it's different from a sewing machine
    - Why we use it
    - Does it only do overcasting stitches?
    - Three threads vs four threads
    - Threading, dials, blades, special techniques and more

1.5 hour per class - $36.00

Students should bring: 1 yard of muslin for stitch samples and something for notes

Serger Facts

Take a Successful Serging Class 
before you decide to purchase your own Serger

Become an educated consumer!
You can sew almost anything with a serger, and what a difference in your project when you use a serger! The serger will be your first line of defense when it comes to sewing with KNITS! 

Question: Can you use a serger instead of a sewing machine?
Answer:    There are some projects where most of the sewing is done with a serger,
                but you will need the sewing machine to do the finishing work.

Question: Is a Merrow machine also a serger?
Answer:    The Serger, Overlock, and Merrow are names used in reference to the same                    machine. 

Question:  Can an overlock machine do a Coverstitch?
Answer:     Some Sergers have coverstitch capability. Some sergers will produce a mock                   Coverstitch or what's called a flatlock. Which is a decorative stitch. 

Question:  What does a Serger do?
Answer:     The short answer is... a serger stitch, binds and cuts the raw edges of the                         fabric, making your project look clean and professional