The Crooked Pin Video Corral
Because time is precious, we're going to keep these videos short and sweet. In other words to the point.  When possible the videos will be shot with very view words, maybe some background music which often plays in the shop.    

Enjoy the tips or instruction on the "why and what" of sewing here in the
Crooked Pin Video Corral

The Crooked Pin is a work in progress so come back often for more. 

Series of Quick Sewing Videos about Sewing tricks
Video : coming soon -  Notches and why we need them
It's best not to skip clipping your notches.
Notches are a patterns GPS system.  Without them, you are sewing blind and could end up putting a left sleeve in the right sleeve hole or attaching a bodice to the hemline. 
Notches are like roads signs on the interstate. 

When cutting out notches be sure not to cut past the seam allowance stitch line. 

Use the tip of a pair of sharp scissors for a clean cut.

This tip will help you enjoy sewing.

Notches and why we need them

Video : coming soon -  Cutting Straight and why it's important.
Cutting straight or curved fabric edges take practice, courage and some good tools and supplies.

Cut smart, as a beginner, using flat pins and a sturdy clear ruler with help with the straight lines.  More practice, sharp scissors or a rotary blade with help with the curves. 
Using scissors in the corners may work best in the beginning. Once comfortable with the rotary blade the corners and curves will get easier. 

Tip: Have on hand, two different size rotary blades for cutting corners and sharp curves, in sizes 28mm and 45mm

Cutting straight edges means you won't have to guess at pinning the pieces together. Jagged edges are difficult to pin and line up.

This tip will help you enjoy cutting fabric.

Cutting Straight

Sharing this information is meant to enhance your love of sewing
Set good habits and explain the purpose of these techniques