There's ​a foot for that!

They came with your machine but you never use them

Along with new fabrics and advancing technology, the sewing industry has invented a variety of sewing machine presser feet that help us sew with speed, proficiency and professionalism…which should always be our goal.   Construct it so it's impossible to tell that it was not DONE by a professional. 

Along with the correct sewing presser foot, it’s important to be aware of the importance of using the correct needle.  Not all sewing machine needles are the same.    The two most important things to remember about choosing the proper sewing machine needle is the type and the size.  Selecting the correct needle and the correct presser foot can make a world of difference in the appearance of the end product.

Problems like skipped or broken stitches, uneven seams, fabric puckering, or sticky feet are common problems, easily fixed with the right sewing presser foot or needle.

  -  To prevent hems from stretching
  -  To control bias tape while finishing a quilt
  -  The causes of thread breakage
  -  Rolled Hems
  -  To make an invisible hem
  -  To understand shanks and the difference between low and high shanks
  -  Many more tips, tricks, and techniques to start stitching smart 

...and a foot for this!

Schedule 1 session for $29.00 - 1.5 hours 
Each class comes with the materials needed to practice and master a few sewing presser feet at a time. 
There are a variety of sewing presser feet that can be mastered.  Tell us your sewing project and we'll pull the correct sewing presser foot for you to use during the class and help you select the proper needle type and size.